How To Shower With Eyelash Extensions And When Not To

Can you shower with eyelash extensions

As someone who’s gotten eyelash extensions done before, I wish I had a guide on how to do ANY AND ALL things with them on.

The thing is, getting lash extensions can be expensive, and if you get high quality extensions regularly, the last thing you want to do is ruin them before their time is up. Today, I hope I can save you some trouble, by covering how to shower with eyelash extensions.

You can shower normally with eyelash extensions, but you should be careful not to rub your eyelashes and avoid facing them directly towards the shower jets. You should also avoid showering within the first 48 hours of getting new eyelash extensions to keep them dry.

There are many daily activities that need to be kept in mind when sporting those gorgeous lashes. If you’re new to the world of lash extensions, there’s SO MUCH more to learn, so let’s talk a little more about:

How to Keep Eyelash Extensions Dry

How to shower with eyelash extensions

Keep in mind that most places will tell you to avoid showering or getting your eyelash extensions wet for about the first 24 to 48 hours of getting them on. This allows time for the adhesive to cure.

Once that time is up, you are able to get your lash extensions wet.

However, if you MUST shower within 48 hours of getting new lash extensions, or if you just need some strategies for keeping your eyelash extensions dry, then you can use the following two methods:

1. Using Swimming Goggles

One popular technique that has caught on is to simply use swimming goggles, which are designed to keep water away from the eyes.

If you have a pair of swimming goggles lying around, just make sure they’re clean from any chlorine and fully dry before using them in the shower.

You might also want to test the quality of the goggles before using it to shower with extensions to check that it doesn’t leak and that it comfortably fits your face (and lashes!).

Try to shower with lukewarm water. We want to avoid higher humidity and moisture near your lashes.

Once you step out of the shower, dry off around your goggles before removing them.

For the non-swimmers out there, you’ll probably see marks on your face caused by the suction from the goggles. Don’t worry, these lines will disappear within a few minutes or hours.

If you see the face marks way longer than you’d like, consider trying other goggles or showering without goggles.

2. Without Swimming Goggles

If the thought of showering with lash extensions and swimming goggles sounds too cumbersome, you can also shower without goggles. You just need to be very careful.

Again, it is recommended that you don’t shower within the first 24-48 hours of getting lashes.

If for any reason you really need to shower right after getting lashes in, be sure to adjust your shower head pressure to the lowest setting possible. This is to help avoid any excess spraying and splashing of water near your eyes.

Turn on your shower, and face away from the shower head, keeping your head above the spray of water.

Be sure to shower with lukewarm water. This is KEY. Hot water holds more humidity that can affect the adhesive of your lashes.

Wash as you normally would, being careful to avoid tilting your head back and forth too much to keep water from dripping down your forehead and to your eyes.

Once finished, tilt the angle of your shower head away from you so water won’t get on your face as you turn off the shower.

Dry carefully, being sure to dab, not rub, around your face and eyes.

What Happens If My Lash Extensions Get Wet

What happens if

If you get your lash extensions wet after 48 hours of getting them in, don’t worry; the glue has likely had enough time to completely dry and set in. You can even swim in them!

Within the first 48-hour time frame, if you accidentally splashed water on your face, or got the extensions wet in some other way, you might lose a few lashes or find that the glue holding your lashes becomes stiff, causing lashes to break away sooner.

It really depends on the situation and how much you got wet. On my wedding day, I got lash extensions and ended up crying literally 2 hours later before the ceremony (no surprise there).

Through VERY light blotting with a tissue, I was able to wipe away the tears without ruining my makeup or losing my lash extensions.

Do’s and Don’ts For Lash Maintenance

Dos and Donts for eyelash extensions

Depending on the type of extensions and the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, lash extensions should last between 6 to 8 weeks.

Lash treatments can vary from salon to salon, so it’s always good to ask your lash technician if they have specific tips to care for your lashes.

With that said, here are a few good tips for how to care for your lashes, to make those beautiful eyelash extensions last as long as possible.

DO keep lash extensions dry for 48 hours

That means avoid washing the hair, doing hot yoga, showering, crying…and generally being very careful to avoid getting any water, oil, sweat, or steam near your lashes.

DO sleep on your back

I know that throughout the night, you might find yourself in many different positions and how to sleep with eyelash extensions is an important thing to know. Try your best to sleep on your back, especially during the first 48 hours.

For anyone who has trouble staying in one position, try using a silk pillowcase or silk face mask to keep your lashes from snagging while sleeping.

DO wash your lashes

You definitely want to keep your lashes clean! After the initial 48 hour period, you should clean your lashes at least every other day to keep them (and your eyes) healthy.

To clean, you can use cleansers specifically designed for eyelash extensions or oil-free makeup remover. Don’t use cotton balls or cotton pads (or any cotton) as your lashes can snag on them.

DO brush your lashes

To prevent clumps and ensure your lashes last longer, use a disposable mascara wand to brush your lash extensions starting from near the eyelids to the top of the lashes for 15-20 seconds every day, preferably both in the morning and at night.

DON’T use make-up

Eyelash extensions should eliminate the need to wear makeup. If you do end up applying makeup, stay away from water-proof makeup, and try to keep the mascara away from the roots of your lashes. This will make it a little easier to remove at the end of the day.

DON’T rub or pull on lashes

The first time I ever got lash extensions, it was the oddest sensation. After a while, I started getting used to them. However, it’s so easy to forget, and you might immediately rub your eyes when you wake up in the morning. You’ll want to be gentle to keep lashes from falling out.

DON’T use oil-based products

Whether it’s makeup or other creams you normally use, avoid products with oil-based ingredients. Many oils, such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, and coconut oil, will weaken the glue that is used to keep your extensions intact.

This includes sunscreen if you’re on vacation or out and about in the sun!

DON’T use eyelash curlers

Curling your eyelash extensions could damage your lashes and is not recommended.

Related Questions

Does crying affect eyelash extensions?

Crying may cause some eyelash extensions to break off during the first 48 hours after the extensions were applied. This time frame allows the adhesive to cure and keeps the lashes intact. Once that period is over, crying will generally not affect eyelash extensions.

Can I wash my face with lash extensions?

You can wash your face with a washcloth and oil-free cleanser, carefully avoiding the eye area within the first 48 hours of getting lash extensions. Be gentle, and if using an oil-based cleanser, stay away from the extensions as oil can break down the adhesive.


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